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An exploding elderly population and expanding medical industry are dramatically changing the delivery or care and treatment to our seasoned seniors and disabled population.  If you fail to adapt your business to the changing environment your business risks missing out on a number of growing money-making opportunities.


One such opportunity that is rapidly growing is home care – a business that, if structured correctly, can put more money in your pocket 24-7, 365.  Especially when you compliment a medical transportation service with a home care agency, your business portfolio can exponentially multiply.

In addition to Joel’s best-selling Million Dollar Home Care manual, his Home Care Business Plan is guaranteed to focus and direct your strategies for implementation.


If you have only considered starting a home care agency but not yet started, there are several reasons why it’s time for you to move forward in getting started:

  1. Your target market, the elderly population, is literally booming - going to double by the year 2030!  This growing niche market requires a wide variety of support services.  The more added-value you provide to your clientele the more your profit earning potential. 
  2. Building a non-medical home care agency is not complicated.  Many states have limited regulation for starting and operating a non-medical home care agency which makes it even easier to get started.
  3. Joel works with client-providers across the country - affording him a very unique opportunity to evaluate the most profitable home care business models.  When you study Joel’s resources you’re going to be learning the most profitable and successful home care business model – Guaranteed! 

Common problems keeping entrepreneurs from making serious money is they don’t see opportunity or, once they do, they don’t know how to properly position and scale their business. 

Joel’s Million Dollar Home Care Business Plan is going to reveal a Two Stage, three year development strategy illustrating how you can scale and grow your business.

You’re going to discover how to structure a private pay non-medical home care business plan and, if you choose, can diversify into a medical care services.  This business plan is also going to illustrate how a successful medical transportation service provides an excellent platform to leverage and expedite the success of your home care agency.


If you’re a serious entrepreneur, serious about making REAL money in a troubled economy, then building multiple sources of revenue with longevity and staying power is essential. You need multiple sources of revenue to protect and insulate your business from market volatility and economic uncertainty.


If you’re ready to expand your business portfolio and  earning potential then Joel’s Million Dollar Home Care Agency manual and business plan will be your best investment. 

Dear Joel, 

I wanted to send you a personal note of appreciation for all that you do in sharing information and opportunity with people. I am sure there are many people like me who used to reach out to particular business owners only to be rejected or brushed aside because they did not want to disclose what they consider to be insider information. 

Several years ago you helped us with our NEMT business and now I am very pleased to say we are doing very well.  I won't bore you with details as I am sure you receive a lot of testimonials and success stories, but I do want to share how much your information has changed our lives. Since ordering your home care manual we have added several dozen clients to our roster and a growing number of aides.  Although we continue to be very busy, sometimes running short on time, it is very rewarding and we see the long-term possibilities.  Our reputation as a reliable and professional service continues to grow which translates into increased our revenue.


We are very excited because we have what we believe are a lot of new opportunities ahead of us because of the relationships we continue to build with our clients and facilities. If there is anything that I could share with the people you continue to help it would be to take the leap of faith and follow your instincts.  As you have always said, this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, but with hard work the opportunities seem limitless.  There are a growing number of senior citizens that need a lot of services so follow your dreams and help those in need.  It is both rewarding and profitable! 

With sincere appreciation,
Stephen & Beverly McNeal 


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