What is Home Care?

The term "home care" is extremely broad and frequently overused.  There are a wide variety of levels of care, all of which require different levels of professional skill, licensing, and registration.  


There are many variables and expectations associated with each type of care.  Joel's home care manual will discuss the ability to transition from a non-medical to a medical based home care agency, but overall, this manual is focused particularly on non-medical because (1) licensing and registration are much easier and more cost effective, (2) finding, training, and retaining caregivers is more easy, and (3) aligning and complimenting your transportation business is more convenient.  

There are currently 28 states requiring mandated licensing and registration for private duty, non-medical home care agencies.  In some states, it's literally harder to license your dog than your home care agency!  Needless to say, Joel's manual provides a list of these various states and contact information from which to request appropriate applications for license and certification. 

Is How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency offered in ebook format?

No, this is a physical manual we will ship via priority mail with the US Postal Service. 

What makes this manual different from other Home Care “How to” resources?

How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency is prepared from a medical transportation perspective.  Many of our clients started with a home care business and later diversified into the medical transportation industry.  Others have done just the opposite. 

There is a great deal of synergy between the two industries, home care and medical transportation.  Both compliment each other very well, however, the two have separate and distinct missions.  Therefore, how you meld these two ventures together can significantly affect your bottom line.  When you successfully blend these two services you can dramatically increase your efficiency and profitability, strengthen strategic partnerships and opportunities, and cross promote both services. 

How long does it take to start a home care agency?

The ability to quickly launch your business is one of the most attractive aspects of this industry.  Because there are very few barriers to entry, you can literally start relatively quickly.  Especially if you already own and operate a non-emergency medical transportation company, you already have a HOT market to leverage for prospective clients.  Likewise, you probably already have a high degree of strategic partnerships with area doctors, hospitals, nursing and rehab facilities, and more.


Slightly more than 50% of the States require licensing and registration for a non-medical                            home care agency.  Of these states, in some instances, it is literally harder to get your pet licensed than it is to become licensed and registered for your home care agency.  In those states not requiring licensing for non-medical home care agencies, you can literally start your business as soon as possible.  Just follow the steps for success Joel shares in his manual.                          

How much does it cost to start a Home Care Agency?

This is a very good and common question.  Unfortunately, there is no fixed number to share.  The amount really depends on your start point - how many caregivers you plan to retain and are they full-time or part-time, contracted help or employees, are you starting out of your home office or a separate formal office, and what state/region are you actually launching your business.  

Obviously, there are a host of variables to consider when starting.  But the good news is starting a home care agency is incredibly cost effective because it is a relatively asset-free business. In other words, you don’t have vehicles or equipment to purchase as you do in your medical transportation business.


Especially if you already operate a medical transportation business, starting a home care                            agency is very cost effective. You already have an office, resources, contacts, strategic partnerships and more with makes required startup capital relatively low. 

If I already own a medical transportation business, why would I want to start a home care agency?

Well, first and foremost, starting a non-medical home care agency is hard.  It's a matter of know what to do and how to do it effectively and efficiently.   

In diversifying and leveraging your transportation business to start your home care agency you need to be strategic.  The goal is to leverage your transportation as an existing platform versus becoming overextended, too short on time or capacity, only to discover you are diminishing or reducing the overall effectiveness of your transportation business.                          

Diversifying and launching a home care agency can definitely increase your overall profitability because you are literally creating a new source of revenue.  But also, by consolidating the two ventures, you will be increasing the profitability of each individual entity.                            

Further, with a home care agency, you can literally generate money around the clock because you will have clients who need help and assistance on the weekends, in the evenings, and throughout the night.  Patients requiring assistance don’t take weekends of holidays off.  Rather, your clients regularly require help and assistance.  This demand provides you with around-the-clock money-making opportunity. 

Where do I find caregivers?

Your business is only as good as your caregivers.  In How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency Joel is going to share  how and where to find and retain quality caregivers and helpers who become your best sales-reps - so that they further increase your business. 

What's the difference between Joel's NEMT ebook and other resources being sold on the internet?

If you’re serious about starting a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company there is no better resource than “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.”   Described by many as “The Bible” of the industry, Joel continues to revise this best-selling resource annually as new information, rules and regulations, and opportunities become available.


Unlike authors of competing resources eager to make fast money online, you can rest assured when you invest in “How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company” you’re investing in the “right” information,  real information, with time-tested strategies that Joel and countless client-providers continue to employ.


Just as you wouldn’t step foot in a plane piloted by a less than experienced pilot, nor should you take business advice from someone lacking firsthand experience and credible business sense.  As founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group, Joel is regularly retained to assist client-providers in starting, expanding, and diversifying their business, buying or selling an existing business, and even retained as an expert witness for industry related matters.