How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency

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Joel Davis, Founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group and author of the best-selling How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company.

Dear Joel,

It is a pleasure to read and study your manual. I have had the opportunity to work on both sides of the spectrum of the health care industry as a CNA2 and also an Office Manager of a large nursing staffing agency which founded in Greensboro, NC. I am VERY impressed with the knowledge and insight which is given in your manual. I see the industry from your knowledge and know-how with a nursing staffing office. I can see the vision you have as a mentor for the home care business and find it to be very knowledgeable. I look forward to helping Mr.Banks turn his business into a huge and profitable company using the knowledge from your resources. I feel honored to be a part of his business and watch it grow from the ground up. I would love to be able to sit down with you and listen to how you gained and grew into the man you are within the medical industry. Thank you very much for your time and your knowledge. If everyone grasps hold of the concepts laid in front of them their business will have no choice but to grow!

Susan Freck

Dear Joel,

Oh behalf of all us at Transport Care Services, thank you very much for all of your help. Because of you, we have taken on another business that we have created called Homeland Senior Care. I felt confident in learning information from your DVDís and ebooks but I would have not the courage to start another business, my home care business, without your mentorship. Words cannot express how appreciative we are for your guidance and coaching. The home care manual is priceless. The knowledge it gives you is a road map to success. Like anything, you must follow directions and execute the plan. If people follow the plan in your home care manual success will come. Please share this letter with any or all of your clients that donít understand the value in your material and wisdom.

My advice to everyone, retain Joelís services! Join the UMTPG and study his materials! It works!

Chris Land Owner,
Transport Care Services
South Carolina

Dear Joel,

I am writing to request copies of the various forms in Word format as you mention in your home care manual. I want to also tell you how excited we are about this opportunity and express our appreciation for all that you do.

We are in our second year with our transportation business and have actually been thinking about expanding into the home care business. We see the need but never really acted on our thoughts because we have been busy. But when you mentioned the release of your new manual we knew the time was right because we know how serious you are.

We are very excited about this opportunity and thank you very much for sharing everything. My wife and I were discussing how you have the distinct gift of expressing things very directly and easy to understand.

After studying your manual we "get it!" The opportunities are outstanding and with gas prices increasing your plan to use [deleted] to compliment our transportation service and use [deleted] to advertise and cut cost is brilliant! It is amazing how much you don't know or even think of until someone else brings it to your attention. As you mentioned in one of your videos what you don't know can hurt you.

Thank you again, Joel. We will be starting our home care agency very soon and look forward to meeting you at your seminar. Thanks again for everything that you do and share.

We will see you at the top!
Kevin and Kristina Mooney

Are you interested in making money by helping our growing senior population?

Maybe you're eager to start a profitable business and are searching for the right opportunity - a business with sustainability and needing limited startup capital

If you're a sincere and compassionate person and you like helping others, then you need to seriously consider starting your own non-medical home care agency

Often referred to as "Companion Care," non-medical home care services includes tasks such as shopping, meal preparation, laundry, transportation to medical appointments and associated activities

Companion care services are not complicated, yet they are very much essential for a growing number of seniors. It is the difference between remaining at home versus having to enter a more expensive facility

Roughly 90% of all seniors wish to remain at home for as long as possible.

And because home care options are far more affordable as compared to facility care, the demand for home care services continues to increase

The average annual nursing facility cost is between $75,000 and $90,000. Conversely, home care costs range between $10,000 and $35,000 per year - an obvious and much preferred financial solution

Needless to say, providing essential services while saving our seniors money equals a successful money-making formula for you, the motivated entrepreneur!

The Growing Demand

More than 8,000 Americans turn 65 years of age every day. According to the Health and Human Services, our senior population will reach 72 million by the year 2025

Coupled with the doubling in size of the elderly population, dramatic changes to our health care system are further increasing the need and demand for home care solutions

With increasing cost and regulations and a growing shortage of doctors, gone are the days of extending hospital stays. Ambulatory surgeries and home-bound recovery is an increasing necessity

Your home care agency is going to contribute to solving and relieving specific assistance problems of many seniors. In addition to helping, you're going to save seniors money while increasing your profits

For example, a senior receiving 20 hours per week of companionship care can cost less than $1,000 per month - a significant savings when compared to alternative care options

Seniors requiring greater care and attention will obviously incur more cost which will increase your opportunity

Multiply this profit earning potential across tens, and dozens of clients and it is easy to see how quickly you can be successful in this industry

When looking long-term as you consider the growing elderly population, there is nothing short of opportunity sitting before you. Inc Magazine ranked in-home care as one of the best businesses to start

Reasons for such endorsement are staying power and profitability. Companionship home care agencies experience in excess of 74% success rate - well above national averages for other industries

According to "Private Duty Benchmarking and State of the Industry Report," the average non-medical home care agency of 4-5 years is generating an average of $1.5 million in annual revenue

This Report also indicates that more than 80% of reimbursements are Private-Pay. This HUGE market share gives further incentive to start because there is less regulation and increased profit margins

Joel's Best-Selling Home Care Manual

As one of the fastest growing markets, home care remains an emerging industry and Joel's manual, How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency, is going to help you leverage this growing opportunity

What makes this manual so unique, different from ANY other resource on the market, is that How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency has been prepared with a medical transportation perspective

More specifically, Joel is going to share how to leverage both a non-medical home care agency and a non-emergency transportation service to increase your overall profitability, efficiency and wealth-generating opportunities

Building a home care agency in conjunction with a medical transportation company affords you dynamic service capabilities which will allow you to become a fixture within your community

Such integrated services allow you to make money 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

What Makes "How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency" so Unique

Joel's home care manual is extremely unique because no other resource offers details and insight on integrating both your home care agency and medical transportation service

Especially if you already have a medical transportation business, you already have infrastructure, resources, contracts, contacts and marketing opportunities

With a medical transportation business, you don't just have a "warm market," you have an extremely "HOT market" - clientele for which to market your home care agency and provide continued services

If you don't already have a medical transportation business - not a problem! How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency is going to show you how to be successful with your home care agency

But if you already own and operate a transportation service, you have prime-time leverage, marketing and service opportunities!

Your Profit-Earning Potential

By consolidating your home care agency with a medical transportation business you can significantly increase your profits margins for three reasons

First, you're making more money which means you should be saving more money. And this is critical because saving money increases the net worth of your business

Second, an increase in net worth makes your business much more attractive to potential buyers for a future sale

And third, your consolidation of resources and increased net worth will far exceed industry standards - further enticing prospective buyers

When you can literally show you're generating healthy profits, you have increased net worth, and you exceed industry standards your selling price dramatically increases!

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Mr. Joel Davis
PO Box 10
Bible School Park, NY 13737

RE: Testimonial

Dear Mr. Davis

Thank you for your book "How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency". We started a Home Health Care agency about 3 years ago and it has been slow to grow. We tried many different strategies, but they did not have much impact. After reading your book "How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency" we discovered multiple new strategies to start growing our company. We have now started a marketing campaign to better brand our company and get the word out to the community. You're networking ideas and sponsoring community events is starting to pay off.

On the business operations side, we have followed your advice to leverage our non-medical transportation business to help increase home health opportunities and to leverage one company against the other for the tax benefits and profitability.

In hind sight, I wish we had your book "How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency" before we started our home health agency. We would have done things differently and would be further ahead of where we currently are today.

Thanks for your book and support.

Sheila and Ronald Canini
Canini's Caring Seniors, LLC
DBA: Seniors Helping Seniors

7313 Schoolcraft Ln
Columbus, Oh 43235

Licensing, Registration and Training

Another attractive aspect in starting a home care agency is that, as of this production, only 28 States have some form of application requirement making licensing and registration very convenient

The remaining 22 States require no formal licensing or registration which means you can literally start laying the foundation for your Agency tomorrow!

And yes, How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency provides a list of States that have licensing requirements and contact numbers to request applications

Also, because "Companion Care" does not provide direct medical assistance, therapy or treatment, Caregivers do not need to be nurses or therapists. This makes starting your agency even easier

More good news - How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency is going to show you exactly how to find, train and retain your Caregivers

Getting Started

When you consider the elderly population, coupled with technology and the demand of seniors to retain their independence, entrepreneurial opportunities become obvious

Starting a home care agency requires very limited startup capital because it is not asset-heavy

If you're serious about starting a business that isn't overhead intensive, a business with longevity, and one with profitable opportunities, then invest NOW and save money on Joel's manual!

When you do, we are going to rush deliver your copy of How to Build a Million Dollar Home Care Agency via certified mail with the US Postal Service right to your doorstep!

And make sure to enter your name and email to join our FREE newsletter. You'll receive additional home care information and strategies.


Click Here to learn more about the Million Dollar Homecare Business Plan

Other materials regarding the home care industry can literally cost thousands of dollars and none of them incorporate or include the knowledge and perspective of the non-emergency medical transportation industry. This is definitely one-of-a-kind material. Invest & Start Today.


Just getting back to work after the seminar and wanted to drop you a line. Jeanne and I are still reeling with excitement and positive energy from the seminar. I donít really know what we expected but we were blown away! I have been in business for many years and canít ever remember being this pumped and excited from anything I have participated in the past. The meet and greet set the tone for the weekend and we got to know many of the attendees and have so many contacts from Friday night. These people are so great and it was great to be surrounded with like-minded people. What a great networking opportunity for us all. I actually received so much information from the other folks to help me in our journey in the NEMT industry that Friday night alone would have been worth it Ė no exaggeration!

Saturday was packed with useful information and I can honestly say attending your seminar will return thousands and thousands of dollars for our business. We are actually just in the beginning of our company even though we have been following you and purchasing your items for two years. As you say, learning from someone elseís mistakes is invaluable. As I told you, our home healthcare franchise cost us $25,000 in the beginning and we pay about $6,000 per month in royalty. I would never want to let our franchise owner know this but I can say I have received more help and great information from your seminar and your material than I have with my homecare franchise. That blows me away and has me thinking you should franchise (I know you hate that idea) or at least raise your prices. Glad I got in at the cheaper price, though. LOL!

As I state before, I have been in the business for many years and there is so much fluff out there, but your information is the REAL DEAL! Your heart is in the right place and God is using you to change peopleís lives. How awesome is that. Jeanne and I cannot thank you enough. We are excited about our new journey and call you our mentor but more importantly, our friend. Sounds mushy, but just being honest.

Your brother and sister in Christ,
Marty & Jeanne Ruegg
Community Caregivers of Green, Inc.

Dear Joel,

I wanted to send you a personal note of appreciation for all that you do in sharing information and opportunity with people. I am sure there are many people like me who used to reach out to particular business owners only to be rejected or brushed aside because they did not want to disclose what they consider to be insider information. Several years ago you helped us with our NEMT business and now I am very pleased to say that we are doing very well with our home care business.

I won't bore you with details as I am sure that you receive a lot of testimonials and success stories. But I do want to share with you how much your information has changed our lives. Since ordering your home care manual back in February of this year we have added several dozen clients to our roster and a growing number of aides. Although we continue to be very busy, it is very rewarding. Our reputation as a reliable and professional service continues to grow which is increasing our revenue for both businesses.

As we approach the new year we are very excited because we have what we believe are a lot of new opportunities ahead of us because of the relationships we continue to build with our clients and facilities. If there is anything that I could share with the people that you continue to help it would be to take the leap of faith and follow your instincts. As you have always said, this is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. But with hard work in the short term the opportunities seem limitless. There are a growing number of senior citizens that need a wide variety of services. So follow your dreams and help those in need. It is both rewarding and profitable!

With sincere appreciation,
Stephen & Beverly McNeal

Maximus Management Group, Inc. P.O. Box 10 Bible School Park, NY 13737

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